Welcome to BeConsulting

BeConsulting provides expert advice in Immigration matters, Industrial Relations matters and Human Resources. We have experienced and highly qualified consultants who provide advice to individuals and organisations in respect to their Immigration and foreign worker issues.

Points of Difference

Our main points of difference are:
  • All our consultants are experienced and highly educated in their respective fields
  • Our Immigration staff are registered migration agents as well as admitted solicitors
  • All our advice is honest, ethical and pragmatic
  • We integrate Immigration, Industrial Relations and Human Resources
  • We have fixed fee or hourly payment options.

Spouse / Partner Visas

Visas designed to allow spouses, fiancées and partners (de-facto relationship) to migrate to Australia on a permanent basis.

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Temporary Worker Visas

456, 457, occupational trainee visas and other specialist work visas. These temporary work visas require sponsorship by a local Australian employer.

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Business Skills Visas

Business skills visas include visas for business owners, senior managers, senior executives, investors and high calibre business owners identified by the Aust. gov..

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Employer Sponsored Visas

Visas which allow Australian organisations to sponsor skilled individuals to work in Australia. Both individuals and employers must satisfy very specific criteria.

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Working Holiday Visas

A working holiday visa is a visa which allows people from overseas to stay and travel throughout Australia for a period of up to 12 months whilst. This visa provides the visa holder...

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Skilled Immigration Visas

The skilled migration program allows skilled individuals in specific occupations to come to Australia permanently. Age (Under 45), education and work requirements apply to these visas.

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Protection Visas

Protection visas are for individuals who satisfy the 1951 definition of refugee.

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Visa Cancellations

If your visa application has been rejected or your visa has been cancelled then you may have review rights. This is a complex task and only a skilled immigration consultant can handle it.

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Employment Assistance service

Drafting and reviewing CV's, cover letters, interview coaching, job search advice. At BeConsulting, we offer our clients an unique service which develops their skills in finding work in Australia.

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